Arthritis Treatment Lodi

Arthritis is a joint inflammation that causes pain and stiffness that worsens with age. Our arthritis treatment options include therapeutic massage, joint injections, regenerative therapies, and others.


Arthritis is an umbrella term for a group of conditions that cause pain and inflammation in the joints, muscles, and other connective tissues. More than 100 types of arthritis exist, but the most common forms are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout.

Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent type of arthritis, affecting an estimated 30 million adults in the United States. It is caused by the breakdown of joint cartilage, the tissue that cushions and lubricates the joints. Osteoarthritis typically affects the hands, knees, hips, and spine. Symptoms can include pain, stiffness, and swelling.

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Our Treatment Methods

We are proud to provide Lodi California with the most effective treatment options for various conditions.

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Gain Control of Your Pain and Live a More Active and Fulfilling Life

If you think you may be suffering from arthritis, it’s important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. With the right treatment, it’s possible to reduce pain, improve joint function, and maintain an active lifestyle. Contact Lodi Advanced Medical Center to see how we can help you!


Take Control of Your Pain

We understand that chronic pain can be debilitating, and it can make it difficult to do even the simplest of tasks. That’s why it’s so important to seek help. With the help of our medical center, you can begin to take control of your pain.


Customized Plan For Your Specific Pain

No matter what kind of pain you’re dealing with, our medical center can provide a comprehensive approach to help you manage it. We take the time to get to know you and your pain, and we will work with you to develop a personalized plan that is tailored to your needs.

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